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Build Your Own Walk-in Gasket

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Build your own walk-in gasket with our custom-made, quality refrigeration door gaskets. We provide a perfect fit every time, with no wasted refrigeration energy due to ill-fitting parts. Get the...


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How To Measure

Corner to Corner

The easiest way to measure your existing gasket is to measure Outside Edge to outside edge to the closest 1/8th inch.

Dart to Dart

If you are missing the gasket and have to measure the door track you use dart to dart measurements.

Gasket Mounting Style

Snap On

Snap On Gaskets are held on the door using a Dart (Arrow) The dart “Snaps” into a track on the door.

Push In

Push in gaskets are held on the door with a barbed insert than smashes into the door track.

Bolt On

Bolt On gaskets are held on the door with a metal plate and screws.

Where to Locate Your Coolers Model and Serial Numbers

If you are unsure where to begin your search to find a replacement gasket, start by locating the data plate on your cooler or freezer. Most data plates can be found by looking inside your unit on one of the interior side walls. Once you have located the model and serial, you can call the manufacturer and request the parts department. Many manufacturers will be able to look up the gasket part number with the model and serial number. Search the part number they give you in our search bar at the top of our website. If you have the OEM part number from the factory and are having troubles locating it on our site, please contact us at (727-422-1118) and we will assist in locating the correct gasket for you.

If you are having trouble locating the data plate on your unit or locating the model/serial numbers on your data plate it is possible that it has been rubbed off or removed. Sometimes abrasive cleaning solutions are used and that could result in missing data plates or illegible model/serial numbers. If you have looked all over your unit and can't find any information as to what your model and serial number are, please visit our “Build you own Gasket” section to build your own replacement gasket.